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Free, 100% private, no-logs speech-to-text for all!

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The best speech-to-text Discord bot!

Have a deaf/HoH friend? Want to be able to moderate voice chats as easily as text chats? No matter your reason, Scripty comes to the rescue! Set it up once and forget about it forever. The bot will sit quietly and transcript all of your conversations without having to do anything else. For free. Forever.

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Why Scripty?

It's fast.

Scripty utilizes the latest technologies to increase its speed, allowing transcriptions to be produced in just hundredths of a second.

It's open source.

Every single part of Scripty is open source on GitHub, from the core bot code itself to the speech-to-text algorithm.

It's community run.

Hundreds of thousands of people, making up over 20,000 hours of audio, came together to make a public voice dataset that is the backbone of Scripty.

It's easy to use.

Set it up with one single command, and then just ask it to join a voice chat. That's it. No bullshit.

It's free.

Scripty's core features will always be free, forever.

It's private.

Absolutely no logs are kept about your transcriptions or audio. What happens in your server, stays in your server. You're always in control of your private data.

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Scripty's Features


Scripty revolves around transcriptions. Scripty is the only bot out there that does this all offline, without sending any of your voice to third-parties, like Facebook or Google. Perfect for anyone, but especially the privacy-oriented user.

Voice Assistant (coming soon!)

Ever felt too lazy to Alt+Tab back into Discord just to change the music currently playing? Scripty is the answer. If you use a supported bot, you can just say, "Hey Scripty, skip this song". Want to customize the commands? You can do that as well, on our dashboard.

Voice Chat Moderation (coming soon!)

Don't have a voice chat because you find it hard to moderate? Scripty is your solution. Want to send a warning message when people speak offensive words? You can do that. Need to remove users from voice chats when they break your rules? You can do that.

Text to Speech (coming soon!)

You can have Scripty listen for you already, wouldn't it be great if it could speak for you as well? We think the same thing. Scripty can speak for you, with dozens of voices, and a dazzling array of controls.

Custom Voice (coming soon, premium only!)

Don't like the built-in text-to-speech voices? We've got the solution. With a 15 second recording, we can train a new voice for you, that sounds just like you.

Complete Privacy

Human voice is very complex. We don't log any data about you. We don't keep any logs, no matter if you're paying or not. Full stop. You can always delete all the data Scripty has stored on you with just one command.

Still not convinced?

Why not take a look at our comparison with the only other known transcription bot out there?

Scripty vs Scriptly

Got questions?

We've got the answers. Join our Discord server to ask any question you might have about Scripty, to make sure it's the right fit for your server. (hint: it is)

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You knew it was coming. We don't like making people pay for this. Go check out our Premium tiers at the button below. Help support us in our mission to create a completely free, completely private, open-source transcription bot for Discord.