Avatar Succubus✨


An over-engineered bot with the sole purpose of providing you with the hottest 2D anime waifu lewd images you'd ever need with user experience at top priority

Prefix sc!
Library discord.py
Server 14.628
Shards 8
Pemilik part1cleth1ef#0
Penyunting lainnya marshall#1015

Over-engineered user-friendly bot with the sole purpose of satisfying your needs for a succubus!


  1. Expressive and flexible Roleplay commands (you can even RP with me)
  2. 100% Private, no logs, Not even your guild ID is logged!
  3. DMs enabled, you no longer have to share your secrets with everyone
  4. All the Image Boards you'll ever need
  5. Requires no special permissions, only the ones I'll ever need

This bot was made with the users in mind, we made sure you'll have a better experience than other bots in this feature-set

Not developed by Primus, go check out marshall