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Martine, a multifunction bot. In-depth music player, random images, moderation tools, welcoming members, streams alerts, giveaways, and more

Prefix ,
Library discord.py
Server 20.042
Pemilik Predä 。#1001


Martine comes with a lot of features for you and your server

  • An in-depth music player with playlists management, song voting, DJ roles, automatic playback, and supporting many audio sources
  • A global economy, collectible cookies per server, detailed weather and forecasts for any location, and users interaction commands such as hug, pat, or ship
  • Get ranked stats of any Rocket League player (even RL sports!), or also stats for any osu! player, both in an nice rendered image
  • Random images of anything, from cats and ducks, to memes and nekos, to wallpapers and art, and any search from Imgur, Giphy or any subreddit
  • Moderation tools to help you and your moderators with kick, ban and mute commands, as well as extensive logging options
  • Say welcome (or goodbye) to your members with an rendered image (or just a simple message) using the imgwelcome and welcomeset commands
  • Notify when a Twitch or YouTube stream is going live, and ping a role or @everyone/@here with the streamalert command
  • Host community giveaways with a simple prompt that will walk you through setting up your giveaway, with configurable defaults, and reroll function
  • And much much more to discover!

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Fork of Red-DiscordBot v3. Link of the GitHub. Thanks to them for base of this nice bot, and all the help to improve it.

Artwork made with ♡ by Sinihan. Martine#4245. ♡