Avatar Emoji Generator

Emoji Generator

A fun bot to generate and create emojis using different parts and access to a library of emotes to save and share.

Prefix /
Library Discord.Net
Server 4.620
Shards 2
Pemilik Builderb#0001


How to use

To generate an emoji use "/list" to get a list of parts to use (bases, eyes, mouths and extras)

Then use the generate command to create it "/gen 24 26 14 17"

You can create different kinds of emojis to share with other users or add it to your server emotes to use it.



The bot is brand new and is being update to include a lot more features

  • Library of thousands of emotes

  • Ability to save and add emotes to your own server

  • Support for Discord Emoji for the latest emotes

  • Add support for eye brows/mustaches maybe hats

  • Random emoji command

  • Redo the list of parts to look better

  • Clone existing Emojis to edit or steal :p

  • Allow you to tint parts using 1(blue) 5(green)

  • Set the background of created emojis

Slash Commands

  • /emojigenhelp
    Get help and commands for Emoji Generator bot.