Avatar dot.bit


A multipurpose bot, topped with cookie crumbs.

Prefix d.
Library discord.js
Server 387
Pemilik toss toss#6758

Dotbit is a multipurpose bot designed to be funny, with a range of features such as moderation and cookies.

Command Info Example [d.]
help Get a list of commands. Not much to it! d.help
dice Roll up to 10 dice. Use arguments to indicate the number of sides you want each dice to have. d.dice 6
fact Learn a new fact. d.fact
cookie Give someone a cookie. d.cookie
mc Get information about a Minecraft server, whether good or bad. d.mc mc.hypixel.net
dog good boy d.dog
about Learn more about the bot. d.about

Oh, and we have GIFs. Feel free to argue over how that's pronounced.