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Beast Era

Beast Era is a cool multi-purpose bot with loads of features like moderation, utility, fun, information, etc that can help you to manage server with ease.

Prefix + (Customizable Prefix) , beast
Library discord.js
Server 576
Pemilik BEAST#2802

Beast Era


Beast Era is a multi-purpose discord bot that can do many things that can help you and your server. It contains all features that can assist you to manage the server with ease and also have fun with the bot.

All Modules currently available in the bot are:

  • Bot Information: This category contains all commands related to giving bot information.
  • Dank Utility: This category contains all commands related to utilities for dank memer based servers. Like Anti-Freeloader for banning freeloaders, Heist Start for assisting in dank heists. This is made only to assist dank memer based servers.
  • Fun: This category contains all fun commands.
  • Moderation: This category contains all types of moderation commands such as ban, timeout, role, etc. using which you can moderate your server very easily.
  • Information: This category contains all information related commands such as userinfo, roleinfo, serverinfo, etc.
  • Logging: This category contains all logging related commands such as messagelogs, join/leave logs, etc.

Most Popular Features Of Beast Era are:

  • Anti-Freeloader System: This is a dank memer utility feature specially made for dank based servers to assist with dank memer bot heists.

Documentation About the bot:

Term of service and Privacy Policy of the bot

If you need anymore help you can join our Support Server.