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The top of the line minimal Blackjack bot for your Discord server.

Prefix /
Library discord.py
Server ???
Pemilik mmatt#0001

Appalled 🃏

🂡 The Open Source Discord Blackjack bot for your server. 🂡

Blackjack, I just pulled an ace

As you looking at the king in his face

  • Pusha T on Kanye West - So Appalled (MBDTF, 2010)


  • Playing Blackjack!
    • Bet on your games.
    • Use Discord's new buttons to play.
    • All without spamming your Discord server. (Only 2 messages show for everyone after a Blackjack game is played.)
  • Weekly coin rewards
  • Daily coin rewards

How to play?

Just type /play (slash command) and start playing!

You start with 👛100 Coins, have fun!

Where can I invite Appalled?

Just click here!

Can I buy Coins?

  • NO ‼
  • There will be absolutely NO WAY TO PAY FOR MORE COINS.

You can gain coins daily /daily or weekly /weekly.

There will eventually be rewards for voting on Top.gg, but again, that will be free.