Avatar Scrap


An RPG bot with custom character /say embeds.

Library discord.js
Server ???
Pemilik sxi#0

Scrap is an RPG Discord Bot that allow you to send custom embeds with character photos and names for doing RPGs via chat.


  • /say(Say something with a character)
  • /registercharacter(Registers a character)
  • /profile(Show a character's profile)
  • /delete(Deletes a character)
  • /field set(Sets a field)
  • /field remove(Removes a field)
  • /secretmsg(Sends a message that only one user can see)
  • /roll(Rolls a dice)
  • /help(Show help)
  • /active(Checks if players are active)
  • /stats(manage in-session stats)