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Explore the web with a magical bot that banishes boredom and surprises you with randomness.

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Library discord.py
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Pemilik zaney#1903

Are you looking for a bot that can help you discover amazing websites, fonts, colors, gradients, and more? Do you want to shorten long URLs, generate cool QR codes, and have some fun with randomness? Then you need Poxi Bot! 🙌

Poxi Bot is a discord bot that connects you to the world of https://poxi.page, a website where you can create your own web pages with ease and style. With Poxi Bot, you can:

-Browse random sites created on poxi.page and get inspired by their creativity and design.
-Find random fonts that suit your mood and personality. 🅰️
-Discover random color schemes and gradients that make your eyes pop. 🎨
-Shorten long URLs with a simple command and share them with your friends. 🔗
-Generate awesome QR codes for any URL and scan them with your phone. 📱
-And much more!

Poxi Bot is the ultimate bot for web lovers and explorers. It’s easy to use, fun to play with, and full of surprises. Add Poxi Bot to your server today and enjoy the magic of randomness! ✨