Discord Application Command Bots

¡Nuestra lista completa de bots de Discord que se integran con Discord al soportar comandos de barra y/o menús contextuales! Todos los bots enumerados aquí han sido aprobados por nuestro equipo de moderación para garantizar que sean de alta calidad.

Avatar de McData

🧊 A Discord bot with a ton of information about Minecraft. All …

Avatar de Skye

Skye is a complete bot with multi-language support and more than…

Avatar de Echo

Echo is a multifunctional discord bot. Made for everyone and the…

Avatar de Little Helper

Little Helper
Hello!I'm Little Helper! I'm here to help you with your Notes, T…

Avatar de Succubus✨

An over-engineered bot with the sole purpose of providing you wi…

Avatar de Animal Photos

Animal Photos
I'm a cool bot that brings you animal photos!

Avatar de dotNotify

dotNotify is the ultimate announcement, reminder and message sch…

Avatar de Waifu

A high quality multi-purpose bot for communities with 150+ comma…

Avatar de Frodo

A minigames bot that is constantly being developed. It has many …

Avatar de RangerBot

A RangerBot egy szinte teljesen Magyar Discord Bot, melyet a fel…

Avatar de EasterBot

Countdown to Easter the fun way with EasterBot

Avatar de Do The Mario

Do The Mario
Play do the mario in a voice channel by using the /play slash co…

Avatar de MiniBoy

MiniBoy offers moderation tools; giveaways; information; utility…

Avatar de poxi bot

poxi bot
Explore the web with a magical bot that banishes boredom and sur…