Bots Musicales de Discord

Nuestra lista completa de bots musicales de Discord. Todos los bots enumerados aquí han sido aprobados por nuestro equipo de moderación para garantizar que sean de alta calidad.

Avatar de MarwynnBot

I am an all-purpose Discord bot written in Python using discord.…

Avatar de GensokyoBot

Music bot designed to play GBRadio designed and built by the tea…

Avatar de Transistor FM

Transistor FM
Discord radio, made simple. Transistor FM is a public Discord mu…

Avatar de Notey ♪

Notey ♪
Notey ♪ is a high quality, polished Discord music bot.

Avatar de Yuki

This bot is customizable and made for fun, moderation, and more …

Avatar de Monti Music Bot

Monti Music Bot
Monti Music Bot ▹ Monti Bots Created By ☜MontiKasta™☞

Avatar de TzeBot

TzeBot is a discord bot who has multi language support (Turkish …

Avatar de Ear Tensifier

Ear Tensifier
EARRAPE & BASSBOOST | High quality 24/7 music | Youtube | Soundc…

Avatar de Shi music

Shi music
simple and easy to use Discord music bot delivering high quality…

Avatar de Andromeda

A fun/moderation bot with tons of commands and we add new comman…

Avatar de Little Music

Little Music
A Lavalink Powered Music Bot with Reaction Controls, Autoplay, Y…

Avatar de Teo Music

Teo Music
It is a music bot with both English and Turkish interface.

Avatar de Deejay Radio

Deejay Radio
A 24*7 Radio Bot. AutoPlay Feature. 27k+ Radio Stations. Reacton…