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🔒 **Sentri uses AI to protect your server from threats**

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Sentri is a Discord Bot designed to simplify your server management experience by offering a comprehensive selection of moderation and management features powered by AI. Sentri's AutoMod is one of the smartest in the game, detecting toxicity, racism, sexually explicit language, and more in chat. Additionally, Sentri is able to soon scan images for nudity, offensive content, content used to defraud users or impersonate users, violent content, weapons, alcohol, drugs, and more. If you are looking to run a server as easily as possible, no matter how large, Sentri is the new bot for you!

Summary of Features:

AI AutoMod Chat Analysis Image Analysis Customizable AutoMod Link and invite filtering Raid Detection …and more!

When it comes to managing small and large communities alike, Sentri is your new best friend! Sentri can help simplify moderation with features like Artificial-Intelligence Chat Filtration, Customizable AutoMod, Invite Removal, Channel Rule Enforcement, BanSyncing, and much much more. Sentri comes pre-configured with a suite of phishing detection features that allow Sentri to screen and guard your community from account-jacking scams.