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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a fun bot that has lots of fun Sonic themed commands.

Prefix sonic-
Library discord.py
Servers ???

Sonic the Hedgehog bot is a fun bot that has lots of cool Sonic themed commands. Fits for ALL Sonic fans.

This bot has commands like asksonic, meme, and more.

To get started on what I do, use sonic-help to see all of its commands. SOME COMMANDS INCLUDE: sonic-help - The help menu sonic-links - useful links with the bot sonic-asksonic - Ask Sonic about stuff sonic-meme - Gives you a random Sonic meme (clean) sonic-sonicpic - Gives you a random Sonic the Hedgehog Picture sonic-wallpaper - gives you a random Sonic the Hedgehog Wallpaper MORE COMMANDS ARE YET TO COME! Bot works in DMs too.

So if you are a Sonic fan, you might enjoy this bot in your server.

We are always open to suggestions on what to add to our bot. If you have any great ideas, join our support server.