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Random Bots

Kibzix's Avatar

Kibzix is a multipurpose bot! It knows 100+ commands including m…

Slashtags's Avatar

Slashtags is a simple slash command tag bot for Discord.

TzeBot's Avatar

TzeBot is a discord bot who has multi language support (Turkish …

Ciro's Avatar

Un bot completamente italiano, facile da utilizzare

blink's Avatar

A general use bot designed for simplicity and usability

Local Disk (C)'s Avatar

Local Disk (C)
A bot designed to make editing media files easy and fun.

Random Servers

Ⓗ ⓞ ⓜ ⓘ ⓔ ⓢ's Icon

Ⓗ ⓞ ⓜ ⓘ ⓔ ⓢ
A Friendly and Welcoming Community!

Scotty's Promotion's Icon

Scotty's Promotion
➪ Rev's Promotion is here to help you grow your Discord Server, …

Eevee's Emote Encyclopedia's Icon

Eevee's Emote Encyclopedia
EEE is a hub for over 150 emote servers, containing every Pokemo…

Cake Mania's Icon

Cake Mania
Cake Mania is a server based around music, having fun and helpin…

Astronomy Cloud's Icon

Astronomy Cloud
A simple cheap hosting service :)

Random Templates

(Change Server Name)'s Icon

(Change Server Name)
Template of my original server Pepegas World

Eğlenceli Her İşe Yarayan Sunucu Şablonu's Icon

Eğlenceli Her İşe Yarayan Sunucu Şablonu
Yapımcısı:☆ •Beyzady#5810

rosie's siimplistic bakery template!'s Icon

rosie's siimplistic bakery template!
aesthetic bakery template!