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Random Bots

MicroSafe - s!help's Avatar

MicroSafe - s!help
This bot can make your discord server a better discord server. Y…

🔞 HentaiCord's Avatar

🔞 HentaiCord
Enhance your sexual experiences with HentaiCord!

Beycord's Avatar

Ever wanted to play Beyblade on Discord? Then this bot is for yo…

RazoringMinds's Avatar

RazoringMinds is a multipurpose bot developed with server owners…

Backup Bot's Avatar

Backup Bot
Backup your server with Backup Bot! Backup Bot will backup your …

Asuna's Avatar

A weeb bot that does music and other things

Random Servers

PogChamp Politics's Icon

PogChamp Politics
Welcome to PogChamp Politics! We are a political community that …

Uzspeckistan's Icon

this server is for awesome people no losers if you are a loser d…

ˣ෴ˣS̸͟͞P̸͟͞O̸͟͞O̸͟͞K̸͟͞Y̸͟͞ C̸͟͞L̸͟͞I̸͟͞Q̸͟͞U̸͟͞E̸͟͞ˣ෴ˣ's Icon

ˣ෴ˣS̸͟͞P̸͟͞O̸͟͞O̸͟͞K̸͟͞Y̸͟͞ C̸͟͞L̸͟͞I̸͟͞Q̸͟͞U̸͟͞E̸͟͞ˣ෴ˣ
❤︎A fun and very aesthetic looking server made for music lovers,…

Greek Titans Community®'s Icon

Greek Titans Community®
Oι Greek Titans είναι μια gaming κοινότητα που εστειάζει στα vid…

Myalo's Animal Crossing Horny Server's Icon

Myalo's Animal Crossing Horny Server
An NSFW Animal Crossing Discord, for those on night owl ordinanc…

Random Templates

Indie Game Discord Template's Icon

Indie Game Discord Template
Indie Game Server

Physcos Dungeon (i think how you spell it)'s Icon

Physcos Dungeon (i think how you spell it)
This is a server who are fans of knifes or danger!

Sunflower's Icon

Sunflower themed kinda themed server!

League of Legends's Icon

League of Legends
Want to have a "League of Legends" server? This template is just…

Never gonna give you up lyrics's Icon

Never gonna give you up lyrics
never gonna give you up

Friends & Family's Icon

Friends & Family
Make a home, have fun, and hang out.