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Random Bots

AULNER's Avatar

This bot is the only thing you need in your life! It is a multip…

pfp-logger's Avatar

A Discord Bot that lets you manage all your profile pictures ins…

HypeBot's Avatar

Do you want to get info, stats, auto roles about the HypeSquad a…

SCP Bot's Avatar

This bot is for people who are a fan of the SCP Genre.

Barnyard's Avatar

Commands that play different animal noises in a voice channel. F…

Chess ELO Role's Avatar

Chess ELO Role
Gives you roles based on Lichess / Chess stats, like elo rating,…

Random Servers

Self Promo Server's Icon

Self Promo Server
Global Self Promotion Server | FREE Promotion | Grow your conten…

MC Kingdom's Icon

MC Kingdom
MC Kingom is a server for everyone including, Minecraft players,…

Azerty Development's Icon

Azerty Development
Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition Servers

Our Place's Icon

Our Place
Our Place is a relaxed server meant to be accepting to everyone,…

🌈🐺Jase's Wolves🐺🌈's Icon

🌈🐺Jase's Wolves🐺🌈
A friendly place welcoming any LGBTQ+ & Neurodiverse friendly fo…

Random Templates

Developer's Community's Icon

Developer's Community
If you want to create a Developer community, the Template that w…

Comunidad de amigos's Icon

Comunidad de amigos
Servidor de discord para amigos creado por JoNa-03#6810

Green/pink server template's Icon

Green/pink server template
If you're going use this temp, please don't remove the creds. T…

Gaming Server's Icon

Gaming Server
This server is good if you want a gaming server to use for your …

Servidor de chat's Icon

Servidor de chat
una Plantilla Bastante buena la verdad la hice con un amigo espe…