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Random Bots

TypicalBot's Avatar

TypicalBot is the ironically-named bot that is far from typical.…

Deathkillers Bot's Avatar

Deathkillers Bot
I am an amazing Multi Function discord bot.

Dude Perfect's Avatar

Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect is bot that can do most of things that everything y…

ScrimBot's Avatar

Easily organize VALORANT custom matches!

Game Tracker's Avatar

Game Tracker
A bot that gets in-game stats from your favorite games.

*Purr*'s Avatar

A bot bringing fun, entertainment and a lot of nekos.

Random Servers

call of duty coldwar's Icon

call of duty coldwar
It's good bcoz we welcome everyone

Devoravore's Icon

This is an 18+ Furry/Scalie Vore server which allows a multitude…

Money Gurus | Make Money Online's Icon

Money Gurus | Make Money Online
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to …

Embrace 18+'s Icon

Embrace 18+
A CGL Server with NSFW Content, Games, MC Server and more.

Servidor do Raposo's Icon

Servidor do Raposo
Ola bom dia tarde ou noite meu servidor e um server pequeno não …


نقدم لكم سيرفر جديد في نوعه فيه ميزات جديد على الدسكورد أفلام و …

Random Templates

rosie's siimplistic bakery template!'s Icon

rosie's siimplistic bakery template!
aesthetic bakery template!

Study Groups's Icon

Study Groups
Teach and learn together: Stream lessons, ask questions, and stu…

Japanese Themed Template Suggested by ✧ あき ✧'s Icon

Japanese Themed Template Suggested by ✧ あき ✧
This is a Japanese Themed Template for learning Japanese

University Class Groupchat's Icon

University Class Groupchat
Create a groupchat for your university/highschool class, to stud…

Green Aesthetic's Icon

Green Aesthetic
You can do whatever, it's just a green aesthetic template. add m…