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Random Bots

AnimeRater's Avatar

An AI-Powered anime rater. Just use `/rate_anime` to get ratings…

Helix 2's Avatar

Helix 2
Helix (100+) is a moderation and fun to use bot!

Disboard Bump Reminder's Avatar

Disboard Bump Reminder
A bot that reminds you when to bump for disboard!

Affiliate Magnet's Avatar

Affiliate Magnet
A bot to keep your server clean from affiliate links, or replace…

Boomy's Avatar

Boomy is a multipurpose bot designed for smaller servers.

Xolt's Avatar

Xolt is an all-in-one Image commands bot to play with your frien…

Random Servers

Sonic's Music Hub's Icon

Sonic's Music Hub
The official Support server for the Sonic Music bots made by Son…

HubGames | Community's Icon

HubGames | Community
Herzlich Willkommen auf HubGames! Deine Gaming-Liebe kannst du b…

Mamacos Unidos's Icon

Mamacos Unidos
Salve meu amigo(a), queremos convidar você para fazer parte do n…

Ukiyo | 浮世's Icon

Ukiyo | 浮世
A server so Japanese and English learner. With a comfy environme…

slavs emojis of color's Icon

slavs emojis of color
A server for diverse black emojis. Be sure to look at the five o…

Random Templates

Simple Gaming Template's Icon

Simple Gaming Template
Very similar to my Simple Server Template, this just includes ex…

SPONIC | AKM Advertising Template's Icon

SPONIC | AKM Advertising Template
Made by ! "ItzAKMᴼᶠᶠᶦᶜᶦᵃˡ#0515

Cafeteria Template Turkish Community Server!'s Icon

Cafeteria Template Turkish Community Server!
güle güle kullanın!

roll de academia's Icon

roll de academia
esta plantilla solo trata de roll de academia

Nt server 2.0's Icon

Nt server 2.0
servidor games feito para quem quiser