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Starboards made simple. sms is a useful discord bot that will set up a starboard for you in under 45 seconds.

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Library discord.js
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Want to make your Discord server stand out from the crowd? Well, sms, or "starboards made simple" is a useful discord bot for servers of all sizes. sms takes less than 45 seconds to setup. It contains a healthy amount of customization, while keeping things relativley simple. Gone are the days of trying to figure out how to setup a starboard, and welcome sms!

Wait, what exactly is a starboard again?

Well, A starboard is essentially a channel where when a message receives 5 star emoji's (⭐), the message is put on the channel along with the author, channel, and amount of current upvotes. So kinda like a billboard. knowing this, here are the commands:

Setup Guide

Step 1: Invite Bot to your server


Step 2: Do sms setup


Step 3: Enjoy!

*For furthur customization, use sms settings


sms setup - Used to set up the bot

sms help - Gives current setting on the bot

sms settings - settings of bot

sms invite - Get people to invite the bot to their server

sms leaderboard - View the members with most stared messages

sms credits - Credits of the bot

Invite the bot to your server to get ahead of the rest!