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Another advanced malicious link detection bot with server configurations.

Prefix /
Library JDA
Servers ???
Owner Nek#2937

Phishem is a advanced, easy to use bot that can moderate malicious or scam links that get sent within your server, with constantly updating databases filled with new links.


• Detect fake "Discord nitro generator" videos on YouTube

• Follows links that use or

• Domain search command which will tell whether a domain is safe or not.

• Webhook logging

• Configurable moderation actions: Ban, Kick, and Timeout

• Over 7k known domains and growing.

Scam Link Detection Malicious YouTube Detection

Slash Commands

  • /configure get
    Get the current configuration

    /configure bypass | Optional create remove
    Create or remove links that will bypass the filters
    • create: Create a bypass link
    • remove: Remove a bypass link
    /configure set | Optional delete youtube-filter log action
    Set configuration for your server
    • delete: If the detected phishing links should be deleted.
    • youtube-filter: Scan and filter "free nitro generator" youtube videos.
    • log: The channel I should send log detections in.
    • action: The action to take when a phishing or malicious link is detected.
    /configure reset configurations
    Reset the server configurations back to it's original state.
    • configurations: Reset the server configurations back to it's original state.
  • /help
    Not exactly a help command but it's here if you need it.

  • /invite
    Get Phishem's invite link

  • /support
    Get the invite for the support server.