Ka heke te roimata me te hūpē, ka ea te mate—In memoriam of Elizabeth II

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Rio Music Bot

Rio Music Bot

Prefix c.
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy c.policy
Owner Rio#2256

Rio Music Bot

**:musical_note: Rio Music Bot :notes:**Prefix: c. or / (slash commands) | Try to ping (mention) me.

Help pannel

Commands: about, ping, policy, back, clear, filter, loop, lyrics, nowplaying, pause, play, progress, queue, resume, search, seek, shuffle, skip, stop, volume

Shortcuts: about, ping, policy, bk, cq, fl, lp, ly, np, ps, p, pbar, q, rs, sh, seek, sh, sk, st, vol

Slash Commands: /about, /ping, /policy, /back, /clear, /filter, /loop, /lyrics, /nowplaying, /pause, /play, /progress, /queue, /resume, /search, /seek, /shuffle, /skip, /stop, /volume

For utilisation of any command: Type for example : r.help play, r.h play, r.help p, r.h p or /help [command]