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A all in one bot which is useful for moderation and economy ^^

Prefix s!
Library Other
Servers ???
Owner track#0621


is a all in one bot, that does all types of commands, this is a anime bot mostly but this bot does commands like 8ball or anime commands like shoot or hug very new bot so expect errors or not Those <> stand for the what u need to put after a command for it to work, and the {} is a optional agrument please note that the {} and <> are just example’s shiro is just a bot to make you’re day ^^ also the bot has catagory’s such as u know info or like admin these catagory’s show the command’s the bot has like the bot admin catagory addrole command or kick is commands that only perms or admin’s can use, this makes the bot more Organized shiro has commands to help u in you're server such as add channel u can create channels without u even doing it or the bot can add roles to a user it has fun commands like 8ball shiro will always be there 珞

Action Commands

  • .s hug <@user> | u hug a user

  • .s cry | u cry

  • .s cuddle <@user> | u cuddle somebody

  • .s kiss <@user> | u kiss somebody

Admin Commands

  • .s purge {messages} | purges a amount of messages

  • .s kick <@user> | u kick a user

  • .s ban <@user> | u ban a user

  • .s channeladd {text} | u add a text channel

  • .s addrole <@user> {role} | u add a role to a user

Fun commands

  • .s 8b {message} | the Magic 8ball

  • .s highfive <@user> | u highfive a user

  • .s text | u you're text in a image

Info commands

  • .s owner | tells u who is owner

  • .s ds | gives u our discord server

  • .s serverinfo | gives Info about a server

  • .s avatar <@user> | u get you're avatar

  • .s about | what the bot is about

General commands

  • .s vote | vote for the bot

First Steps

To get the bots commands start by saying .s help

the command’s info are in the catagory’s


join our support server

Or dm track#5054

or use the .s help command then click contact us