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Library discord.js
Servers ???
Editors MatievisTheKat#4975,&nbs


  • bort's purpose is for you to have fun!
  • Most features are made to enhance the enjoyment of using the bot!
  • I would love to hear what you think of the bot and what you want to be added! All ideas are welcome!
  • bort also has an online dashboard!


  • You've heard of Discord's Announcement channels right? Well what if you could have those with having to pay money!
  • To have official Announcement channels you need to buy a developer liscense from Discord. Not all servers can get one though!
  • So bort now has a feature that allows you to have announcement channels (letting people follow them as well) for free!

Constant updates!

  • Since I'm stuck at home I have all the time in the world to fill bort up with any features you want!
  • Just be sure to join the support server so you can suggest changes!

Currency, clans and ranking up!

  • One of bort's main features is its currency system!
  • Rank up, join clans and earn the most gold out fo everyone!
  • This is the most updated module! Meaning you'll never know what new thing could be added next!


  • Extensive music commands
  • Play music by genre 24/7
  • Create your own playlists with all the songs you like