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One is a feature rich discord bot that'll make managing servers a breeze!Want me ? :-

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Owner OnceYT#2768

A multi purpose discord bot that'll make managing servers a breeze. From Music to Games , From Moderation to Memes , One can do it all!

One has a lot of user focussed commands and utilities that'll help your users as well!
  • Memes, because everyone likes them duh.
  • Autorole, Give new members a role automatically when they join!
  • Todo list, when you're forgetful af (or just want to keep track of stuff)
  • Music, for that ad-free discord music experience mmmm
  • Reminders (for reminding you about doing your homework maybe , lmao)
  • .... And much more!

Apart from that , One also has tons of moderation commands that makes managing your server easy and fun
  • Lock and Unlock channels at just a command.
  • Logging! Keep track of every message edit / delete and much more!
  • Userperms, Track which permissions an user has in a particular channel.
  • Embeds, Send embedded announcements because who doesn't like embeds! (More customisations coming soon including json feed support)
And these are only some of the things One can do.

Use the ::help command for a complete list of commands and detailed descriptions. Hop on to the support server if you have a suggestion , bug report , or anything. We'll hear you!
We also have tons of features in development so if these don't impress you , pretty sure something will soon 😉

Links :-
Support Server