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Nebula is focusing on Auto mod, Musics and multi purpose utilities for everyone

Prefix . (Customisable)
Library discord.js
Servers ???
Privacy Policy .privacy
Owner Candy..#2898

Do you want to have a unique and multi-purpose utility bot? With auto-mod, auto-role, music and fun commands? So here is yours. I am presenting the new bot, Nebula. Prefix: "."(Customizable) So, let's look into the unbelievable features:

--->Auto-mod(The main utility): -Kick -ban and unban -Anti invite -Temp mute(next update) -Setups:

  1. Audit logs
  2. Custom Welcome Messages with auto-roles
  3. Retrieve deleted messages
  4. Blacklist roles and IDs
  5. Slash commands

---> Musics: -Will play from YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud -Will show who added the queue -Volume controller -Auto notify the video in the server(In 2 days) -has all music equipment to control like pause, resume, stop, skip, lyrics and studio info

---> As I told you above, Nebula has nice Utility commands. Let's see: -Away From Keyboard(AFK) system for all users -Weather Utility -Announcement(Also for roles) with customizable colour embed -Covid status -Google search -Wikipedia search -Pin messages -Reminder -Quote messages -Fun utilities:

  1. Meme
  2. Riddles
  3. Facts
  4. Hex finder to decide role colours

And lot and lots of Commands are awaiting for you. So, why are you waiting? Invite the bot to your server!