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Demo: https://demo.discortics.ga
Docs: https://docs.discortics.ga
Dashboard: https://discortics.ga


We place great emphasis on annihilating limits and boundaries that hinder you from accomplishing your dreams. 
Discortics™ is a powerful multi-purpose Discord bot. 
Being Completely FREE, the bot brings premium features right at your fingertips. 


◉ Completely Free!
◉ 24/7 Online & The Lowest Ping!
◉ Premium Features
◉ Latest UI Trend
◉ Easy To Use


➣ Requirement Giveaways
➣ Leveling System with Role Rewards & Custom Level up Message
➣ Invite/Message/Voice/Speech Trackers
➣ Softicated Member graphs & Stats
➣ Unlimited economy & fun commands
➣ Reaction Ticket System
➣ Powerful Antispam Filter
➣ Custom Tags
➣ Media Notifications
➣ Verification
➣ Advanced Reaction Ticket System
➣ Confession/Suggestion/Starboard Channel Management


The bot comes with the latest AI. Ping the bot to speak with it. [Checkout the DEMO]


Discortics Application System is easy to configure & use. 
You can have upto 50 questions and collect infinite applications.
The settings are managed via the Dashboard
Command Description
accept accept - Accept application(s). Sends the user a dm
app-status Open/close Applications
apply Apply for the staff position
deny Deny application(s). Sends the user a dm
review Review applications
scroll Clear applications [Deletes them]
Protect your server from Alts and Proxied Users. 
When the user joins, if enabled, the bot will dm the user with a link to verify. 
If the user is found be an alt or to use VPN, specified action will be taken. 
By enabling, we're granted the permission to store the IP address of users that verify through Discortics. 
Each ip is stored in a highly secure database whose access is restricted to the owner of Discortics.
Command Description
oldest View the oldest members.
youngest View the youngest members.
v-info View the verification info of a user.
v-manual Manually verify a User (Bypass)
verify Toggle & Manage the Verification Settings
We have an outstanding giveaway system. Discortics can handle multiple requirement giveaways such as 
level/message/invite/voice/speech/role/server/account age/join age.
Discortics supports multiple entries, blacklisting & bypasses.
Discortics can also end giveaways when the provided reaction limit is reached. Custom emotes are also supported
Command Description
gstart Begins the interactive setup guide to start a giveaway
gdrop Start a giveaway in just one message
greroll Discortics can reroll giveaways by other bots too, in a way, from any message. It chooses the winner from the first of the reacted emotes.
gconfig Change emote, multiple entries/blacklists/bypasses


Social & Anime commands to boost your server activity. Share your feelings & love through animated images.
Almost 25+ Anime commands such as hug/kiss/poke/bite/revive etc
Command Description
character Search up anime characters
asearch Search Anime series by their name or from a picture
manga Search Manga
marry Marry a User
marriage View the marital status of a user
divorce Divorce your partner


Engaging games & economy commands!
Command Description
among-us Play Among Us on Discord.
balance Check your or a users balance
battle Battle with a user
blackjack Try your luck in blackjack.
daily Collect your daily reward
deposit Deposit money to your bank
leaderboard View the economy Leaderboard.
roulette Play the normal Roulette
slot Try your luck in slots.
withdraw Withdraw money from your bank
work Get the chores done to earn some cash.


Discortics comes with powerful promising moderation tools to manage your server
warn/mute/kick/ban: Basic Moderation Commands
temp-ban: Ban a user for a particular time period
purge/nuke: Purge up to 1000 messages at once. Nuke deletes all the messages from a channel


These commands entertain your members. It keeps them engaged in activities
Command Description
insult Insult someone
8ball Question the 8Ball Oracle
afk Go AFK with a note.
color Fetch a Specific Color or a Color Palatte
define Search the Urban Dictionary
gay-rate Measure anyones gayness
hack Troll Hack a User
joke Fetch a joke
lesb-rate Similar to gay-rate
meme Generate a meme
poll Conduct a Poll
topic Fetch a topic from 500+ varities.
trump Generate an Trump Speech!
bgremove Removes Background Color
colorise Colorise a Black and White Picture
identify Identify an Image
obama Generate an ObamaToMe video!
ocr Extract Text from Image
pet Avatar Pet Generation