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Sparkle is a easy-to-use Discord Music Bot with support for various music sources. It offers a wide range of features and simple slash commands to play music in your server.

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Sparkle is a powerful and easy-to-use Discord Music Bot with support for a variety of sources including Spotify, SoundCloud, and Deezer. With Sparkle, you can easily play music in your server, customize your listening experience with filters, and take advantage of our wide range of music sources and simple slash commands.

Here are some of the features that Sparkle offers:

Music Commands
  • clearqueue: Clear the current player's queue.
  • disconnect: Force the bot to disconnect from the current voice channel.
  • join: Invite bot to your voice channel.
  • loop: Control loop mode for current player.
  • lyrics: Get lyrics for a song.
  • nowplaying: Display information about the currently playing song.
  • pause: Pause currently playing song.
  • play: Play your favorite songs.
  • previous: Replay the previous song.
  • queue: Show the current and the next songs in the queue.
  • remove: Remove a song from the queue.
  • replay: Restart the current song from the beginning.
  • resume: Resume playback of a currently paused song.
  • seek: Move the playback position of the current song to a specific time.
  • shuffle: Randomize the order of the songs in the current queue.
  • skip: Skip the current song that is being played.
  • stop: Stop or disconnect the player.
  • switch: Move the position of two songs in the current player queue.
  • volume: Set the volume of the current player.
Information Commands:
  • about: Show information about the bot.
  • help: Get a list of all available commands and their descriptions.
  • ping: Check latency of the bot.
Settings Commands:
  • control: Display or hide the player controls (such as pause, replay, stop, skip, and loop)

With Sparkle, you have everything you need to enhance your listening experience in your Discord server. Whether you want to play your favorite songs, customize your listening experience, or discover new music, Sparkle has you covered.