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Boat is a utilitarian and moderation bot, alike Dyno & Mee6. Boat also has free to use music!

Prefix ! (Customizable)
Bibliotek discord.js
Servrar ???

Boat - Utilitarian and moderation bot

Boat is a bot that is made to enhance the features of Discord. Mainly to give you a grip on moderation, logging and utility based actions. Boat is a utilitarian and administration assistant for Discord. It's a bot that was built to be highly configurable, and allow server admins to modify functionality based on the requirements of individual servers. Boat is updated on a daily basis and has been high grade server hosting which continues the bot running 24/7, 365 days a year.


Boats features:

Role Management
Welcomer and Leaver
Auto Moderator
Audit Logging
Mod Logging