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Increase server engagement and entertain your members with Would You, featuring user polls, daily news, and customization. Would You Rather

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Would You is a dynamic bot designed to keep users engaged and entertained with fun and interactive questions. With a variety of games and customisable options, it's the perfect addition to your Discord server for an exciting and lively atmosphere!

Games and Modes:

Explore a variety of games with Would You. Challenge your friends with intriguing dilemmas in the classic "Would You Rather" game. Uncover hidden secrets and experiences in Never Have I Ever. And unleash your creativity with What Would You Do scenarios. Each game offers a unique twist and endless entertainment!

Curated and custom questions:

Would You features a collection of engaging questions covering a wide range of topics. From light-hearted questions to thought-provoking dilemmas, there's something for everyone. You also have the flexibility to contribute your own questions, making the experience even more personal and tailored to your server's interests.

Increase server activity:

By integrating Would You into your server, you'll see a remarkable increase in activity. Engaging in lively conversations, debating decisions and sharing experiences will bring your community closer together. Prepare to see interactions skyrocket as friendships are strengthened and new connections are made!

Get started:

Inviting Would You to your Discord server is easy. Just click the 'Add to server' button and you're ready to go! To customise the bot and explore additional features, you can use the /settings command. Get ready to unlock a world of interactive entertainment at your fingertips.

Game commands:

  • /wouldyourather: Presents engaging "would you rather" scenarios for thought-provoking discussions.

  • /wwyd: Unleashes your creativity with "what would you do" situations that encourage imaginative and insightful responses.

  • /higherlower: Play the popular game higher or lower directly on discord.

  • /neverhaveIver: Uncovers fascinating experiences and secrets in a round of "Never Have I Ever", sparking engaging conversations.

  • /truth: Posts a random truth question that you need to answer

  • /dare: Posts a random dare question that you need to answer


If you have any questions or need help, our support server is here to help! Join us at https://discord.gg/vMyXAxEznS. You can also find more information and updates on our website: https://wouldyoubot.gg.

Get ready to enter a world of interactive conversation and endless fun with the "Would You" bot. It's time to engage, connect and unleash your imagination!