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Aura is a Multipurpose bot for use on many different things to help your server.

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Hello and welcome to Aura.

Aura is a multipurpose bot that is designed to help servers out.

It has many different features to choose from so I would recommend that you check out the /help command.

Aura does have some features locked to premium users only. Those are marked under premium category in the help command.

Aura comes with several great uses like

  • anime quotes for those anime lovers.
  • Or movie Info to find info on movies, Or even Pokémon info. Yes, I said Pokémon.
  • The bot does also have a google chat bot to play with.
  • You may even ask the bot for some random advice;
  • I have also recently added the emote gifs like bite, slap, kiss, ect to the bot all in one cmd called emoji
  • The bot does come with moderation commands however it has a mod panel for those mods who also have premium to make their life way easier.
  • If you even love the bot, you may even use the rate cmd that will send me your feedback on the bot.
  • So with this bot there is so much to do that it just keeps getting better.

So what are you waiting for invite the bot today.