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Secret chatting with anyone with the code, mod commands AND welcome messages!

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Welcome to K-Nect

What is K-Nect?

K-Nect is a Discord bot whose main function is for secret chatting. Isn't that a DM? Well, you can invite upto 100 members and send messages via a command! Isn't that a group chat? You can send a key (a six-letter code which enables access to the chat) in your server and the early birds get inside, without you having to manually add them in. That's great!

Why K-Nect?

K-Nect not only has secret chatting, but also mod commands. You can also send a welcome message for the cuties who join your server <3>for help on a particular command, but here's a brief overview of the secret chatting commands.k?new - Creates a new chat and DMs you the key. You can provide it the optional argument max, the capacity of the chat and my best friend (not really, I don't have a friend called Max). k?join - Joins a chat with the given key (would be useless if you didn't have one :/). You can even join old chats (but don't expect anyone to respond to you). k?leave - Leaves a chat, for when they become too annoying. k?send - Sends a message and asks you for the key. If you are tired of entering the key, you can do the command below. k?set - Sets a default key for the messages you send. k?unset `- Unsets (is that a word?) a key.

That's a brief overview,

Of what K-Nect can do!

It rhymed! :D