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New fun economy bot. New features added regularly, suggested by its users! Invite now and be one of the first to be rich! 🤑

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Divitus is a powerful economy bot. It keeps getting new cool features, suggested by its users! You can steal money from others, you can prestige to get more money from everything you do, you can buy your own business to continuously earn money and you can keep upgrading your business.

To discover all my features use /help .

If you have any cool suggestions let me know in the support server.

Slash Commands

  • /business | Opcional id
    Get a list of all your businesses and their income.
    • id: Get statistics of a specific business
  • /collect
    Collect the income your businesses have generated for you.

  • /help | Opcional command
    Shows the help menu.
    • command: Shows the help menu.
  • /info
    Gives general information about the bot.

  • /ping
    Pings the bot's latency.

  • /upgrade id
    Upgrade your businesses to earn more money.
    • id: The ID of the business you want to upgrade.
  • /upkeep | Opcional upkeep
    Upkeep for your businesses to keep working.
    • upkeep: Upkeep for your businesses to keep working.