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Braidy is a customizable, funny, "hackerish" bot that can do a lot of stuff!

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Braidy is a simple, new, funny, "hackerish" bot that can do a lot of stuff. Most of the commands are customizable, and have funny responses. Commands:

b!help - Well... this shows the commands and that's it...

b!ping - This nobody uses soo...

b!badges - Info about our profile badges.

b!setprefix - This will change the prefix for your server.

b!meme - This is great for emo kids that are in depression.

b!gay - LGBTQ people love this command for some reason..

b!profile - This shows the user's profile, which is customizable.

b!psettings - Here you can customize your profile !

b!transfer - If your friend is poor, you can send him some BCoins !

b!daily - If you are poor, this command is a lifesaver !

b!blackjack - The command that will get you in debt !

b!slots - The 2'nd command that will get you in a huge debt !

b!bcoins - Show off how many BCoins you have !

b!deposit - Deposit your BCoins in your bank account before somebody robs you !

b!withdraw - Withdraw your money but be carefull at robbers !

b!guildsettings - Customize Braidy for your server !

The bot is still in it's development stage, and bugs that appear please report them to our support server.