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Element RPG

You start with an element of your choice and train yourself to unlock all the elements. Challenge the Element Master to earn the title!


  • Unlock more than 100 unique skills
  • Fight challenging bosses
  • Complete daily quests
  • Create your combos by using strategies
  • Challenge other players to duel
  • Trading and gambling (relax, no real money is involved)
  • Collaborative raid spawn
  • Join or create your own guild (future plan)

How to start

Use er start to start the game.

Character Command

profile - Display your profile information

mastery - Display your element mastery

sp - Use your Stat Points to increase either of your HP, MP, ATK, DEF, SPD

cd - Display all of your cooldowns

title - List of your owned titles

move - Move to another area

Skill Setup

set - Display all of your setups

skill - Display all skills that you have learned

learn - Consume required materials to learn new skills

dojo, hermit, scholar - List of available skills for you to learn

template - Display all of your templates


consumable - Display your consumable items

material - Display your material items

equipment - Display your equipment items

use - Consume an item from your inventory


today - Check for enemy sightings, weekly events, or any ongoing event

story - Continue your adventure in story mode

quest - Complete tasks and earn reward


spawn - Spawn a random enemy for you to fight

explore - Explore the current area

heal - Drink a potion and heal yourself completely

boss - Fight challenging enemies

raid - Spawn a raid enemy


flip - Bet your gold and flip a coin

slot - Bet your gold in a slot game


help - Show detailed explanation of a command

kb - Encyclopedia for Element RPG Discord bot


shop - Display list of items available for purchase

buy - Buy items from the shop

sell - Sell items from your inventory

give gold - Give an amount of gold to another player

trade - Trade item with another player

exchange - Exchange your items from a curated list of options


autoheal - Perform heal automatically

upgrade - Unlock new upgrades

patreon - Check your subscription status

name - Change your character's name


bonus daily - Claim your daily bonus rewards

bonus weekly - Claim your weekly bonus rewards