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The ultimate communication tool for Discord. Featuring audio transcription, text-to-speech, and peer to peer voice translation!

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Breaking The Communication Gap

Scriptly is changing the way people from around the world communicate on Discord. It provides immersive features such as audio transcription (/transcribe), and text to speech (/tts), easing communication for everyone.

Speech-To-Text (/transcribe)

  • Get a text based version of what users say!
  • Transcribe meetings in voice channels and get a real time text output in a Discord text channel!
  • Includes the ability to also transcribe voice messages through the message context menu.
  • Useful for individuals who are hard-of-hearing (HOH), deaf, or have other auditory processing difficulties.
  • Privacy preserving with no logging and foundational features free forever!
  • Continuously improving with modes specific to speed and accuracy.
  • AKA: closed-captions, speech recognition, voice-to-text, voice transcription, dictation, and audio-to-text.

Scriptly transcribing a user in a voice channel.

Scriptly transcribing a voice message

Text-To-Speech (/tts)

  • Speak your message in a voice channel clearly and efficiently!
  • Privacy preserving with no logging and foundational features free forever!
  • Includes a total of 300+ high-quality text-to-speech voices with premium!
  • Unlimited text-to-speech message length for all users!
  • Customize by setting a text-to-speech channel for messages to be automatically read from and more!
  • Useful for no-mic channels, and individuals who are mute or are otherwise unable to speak in voice channels.
  • AKA: voice synthesis, read-aloud, no mic, voiceover, speech-generation, and computer-generated speech.

Scriptly vocalizing a users text messages.