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Popularity Contest

Popularity Contest is a community-focused bot and when people react to messages with a ⭐ it will be pinned to a channel of your choosing!

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Proprietario Wolfhound905#1234

Popularity contest is a community-focused bot meant to add some fun to your server. Just invite the bot and run the setup command. The bot watches for people's reactions with a ⭐. If enough people react it will send a message to a channel of your choosing. Instead of having to pin a message and hit the limit you just add a star to a message you like and the bot will send that to a separate channel for everyone to find easily and star it themselves. This bot is good for small friend server and large servers too.

Features and Extra Info

Popularity Contest will keep track of messages that are reacted on with a ⭐. Image attachments, links, and stickers are all supported. The bot has limited customizability for now but more is Coming Soon™️! If you would like to help feel free by joining the server and giving some feedback.


See a message you like? Star ⭐ it!

What makes this bot special?

Popularity Contest is coded with a fantastic new Discord Python API wrapper called Dis-Snek. It is fun to make bots with and very intuitive. This bot will stand out as a proof of concept for this library. I plan to always keep this bot open source, just keep in mind if you want to self-host this bot it will take some code change. A few things are tailored to my hosting setup.