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A Utility bot with Music, Tickets, a Starboard, and more.

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Libreria discord.js
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Bizkit is a Utility Bot made for Music, Moderation, and more!

  • 🎵 Enjoy High Quality Music
    • Play music from 5+ Sources! YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitch, Bandcamp, Direct Links, and more!
    • Just Type! Bizkit will automatically search for you!
    • High Quality! Can support thousands of guilds at once easily.
    • Queued a Massive Playlist? Skip straight to the track you want to listen to!
    • Fast Forward, Rewind, and Seek. Get to that one part easily.
  • ❓ Rich Logging
    • Be the all-seer!
      Messages Edits, Message Deletions, Member Joins, Member Leaves, Bans, Kicks, Voice Channel Updates, and more to come!
    • A weird person was invited to your server? See who invited them with Invite Tracking.
    • The abililty to seperate logs into different channels keep them organized, and readable.
    • Logs are Readable and Informative. Get all the needed information with just a glance.
  • 🧑‍⚖️ Moderate Better
    • Zero-Trust Permissions. Bizkit primarily uses roles for Moderation Commands, so you don't need to give any Discord Permissions to your staff. Just set the role and everything works.
    • Moderate your Members with Muting, Warns, Banning, and Kicking
    • Control your Text Channels with Locking, and Message Purges.
    • Somebody causing issues in VC? Disconnect and them Mute them, the perfect tag team. Additionally you can drag and move a Member between channels.
  • 👋 Greet New Members
    • Send Custom Join and Leave Messages into a special channel with ease!
    • Placeholders like (mention, (username, and (tag allow you to customize join and leave messages to your heart's content!
  • 🗣️ Create Private, Configurable Voice Channels
    • Want to have a private conversation, and don't want to create a clunky group chat? Then voice lobbies are for you!
    • Create temporary channels that you have full control over. Change the name, quality, user limit, and permissions!
    • They automatically delete too! Once you leave the channel, it disappears.
    • More information at https://bizkitbot.com