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Truck Simulator

Innovative Truck Simulator wrapped into a discord application. Drive your Truck and complete jobs.

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Truck Simulator Bot

Basic controls

The virtual map is the heart of the Truck Simulator. Everything is a place that you can drive to. Some commands are bound to specific places, some are available everywhere.

After registering, simply start a drive by hitting /drive. You will see a minimap, a detailed view of the place you're at and some buttons to move your truck on the map.


After you claimed a Job, you have to bring an item from one place to another. Drive to the first place, load your Truck, drive to the second place and you're done. The reward depends on your current level.

Gas system

Always keep an eye on your gas, it will be pretty expensive if you don't. If you are low on gas, simply drive to the gas station in the middle of the map and refill the truck. The gas prices are refreshed daily and can be seen in the support server.


As soon as you have enough money, you can buy a new Truck. Better ones are expensive, but have better stats regarding gas capacity, loading capacity and gas consumption. When you buy a new truck, your old one will be sold; the selling price is based on its original price and the miles you drove with this truck.


All the gambling commands only work in a place called Las Vegas. For now, coinflip and slots are available.