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Server Status

The Server Status Bot keeps you up to date on Discord's server status. It enables numerous commands and also uses Discord's brand new slash commands.

Prefisso slash commands or s.
Libreria discord.js
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Proprietario SEB#3606

The Server Status Bot is the first bot wich notifies you about server incidents!

Why choosing?
The bot is always up-to-date displays the current server incident status in it's bot presence so it's simple to check the status. It has an easy use of the commands made possible by Discord's slash commands. They are easy and understandable to use and enable a much more pleasant way of using bots. (The bot can also be operated with text messages on your server) However, not only can the current incidents be called up, but all previous incidents and their information can be sent directly to your channel (incident link or id required).

Wich commands are available?
s.help - Gives you some help ;)
s.status - Replies the Discord Server Status
s.incident - Shows details of an incident post
s.notify - Toggles notifications for you and your server

Need Support or have any questions?
Of course you are allowed to join the support server or message me privately, where you can get in contact with me. - SEB#3606