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Fursona Manager

Manage, Create and Talk as your sona in majority of Discord Servers with this bot!

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Library Eris
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Pemilik Negative29#0001

Fursona Manager

Manage all of your fursonas with ease!

Fursona Manager (or FM for short) is a Discord bot dedicated to help you manage, share and even talk as your fursonas!

Wanna show of your fursona(s) to friends and others? FM comes with a website where you can do exactly that! Take a look at my sona for example! You can even get a custom ID for your sona to flex that yours might be possibly original! 💪

With more features to come soon (and speed/performance improvements too), FM is your go to bot.

Full Feature List

  • Talk as your sona
  • Share your sona details with everyone on the internet with ease
  • Easily setup your sona with the bot
  • More features coming soon...

Support and Questions

Having a hard time trying to navigate the bot?
That's alright, join the support server (https://discord.gg/hQCr3ZeBXk) or add the main developer as a friend (Moz#6967) and we'll help you from there.


Fursona Manager is currently closed source but there's the rare chance of bugs floating around. Contact the developer as soon as possible to let us know of any bugs or suggetions you have to make the bot better.