Avatar Charles


Charles, the best butler you'll ever have

Prefix c? (Customizable)
Library discord.py
Server ???
Privacy Policy c?privacy
Pemilik Dutchy#6127

Charles is a very customizable, multi-purpose discord bot.

Charles is a discord bot with many features. He is being worked on every day and a lot of cool, new features are added regularly!

What can Charles do?

  • Customizable prefix
  • Multi-language
  • Image Manipulation
  • Utility
  • Fun
  • Games (like Who's That Pokemon?)
  • Moderation
  • Advanced Music (with custom playlists)
  • Customizable embed color
  • Logging
  • Welcoming/Leaving messages (completely customizable, with option to make your own embeds)
  • Very detailed settings overview
  • Role on join
  • Reaction roles
  • Holiday announcements
  • Roasts
  • And lots more!

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