Avatar [ENDED] AniBot

[ENDED] AniBot

A advanced Discord bot! (Includes - Moderation, Reddit, Facts, Economy and more!)

Prefix f!
Library discord.js
Server ???
Privacy Policy f!info privacy
Pemilik Unium#6850



Just a good multipurpose bot!


AniBot contain moderation and voice moderation!


AniBot has advanced economy! BTW thanks to Kusturd-Egg for helping me to make the economy commands! || f!help-eco


AniBot contains a bunch of reddit commands for almost all type of users! (If you have a suggestion about a subreddit to be added please contact - GameWorks#6969 !)


You can watch youtube and play chess together with other people in a VC using this bot!


You can play a bunch of games on AniBot!


AniBot contains a bunch of image commands! BTW - I will add more Image commands later


AniBot contains a TON of music commands! And if you want a 2nd music bot then you can do f!invite to add the 2nd music bot! (2nd Music Bot Prefix : f.)

And much MUCH more!