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A 24/7 Radio Bot, Multi-lingual, modular bot with 6 and more stations for variety of occasions/moods. Record your voice too!

Prefix xr! [ customizable ]
Library discord.js
Server ???
Privacy Policy xr!policy
Pemilik Manav#0990

The Basic Idea

XenFM is built radically different. It is based on the idea of introducing different genre of music to everyone, to let people discover great songs by many different known/unknown artists. It randomly plays songs based on which station you choose. Just use the play command and dive into the pool of unbelievably good music!


Bot can be assigned to kne channel so whenever the bot restarts/recover from outage the bot will automatically connect to that specific channel.

How To Bind right below! (Make Sure the bot has permissions to see and join the channel!)


How to unbind right below!



No downtime. No nonsense. Just have a good time enjoying your discord server while XenFM plays songs 24/7.

Multiple Languages

4 languages: English, Hindi, Korean, Japanese. More coming soon!

  1. xr!radio english
  2. xr!radio hindi
  3. xr!radio jpop/jap/japanese
  4. xr!radio kpop/korean

Note for the above commands: options in < > are not required. They are there if you want to switch between staions!

Personalized Music

The all new music module, enables users to listen to their favorite tunes apart from the whole basic radio module! Got bored of listening the radio and want to put up some of your fav tunes? With the help of the music module, now you can!


Yep! Filters are also supported! Nightcore, vaporwave, pop etc all available!

HQ Stations

10 High Quality Radio Stations

  1. English Lofi
  2. Hindi Lofi
  3. English Normal
  4. Hindi Normal
  5. English Electro/Dance
  6. Hindi Classics/Old
  7. Korean
  8. Japanese
  9. Study(lofi)
  10. Gaming
  11. English Rap

More coming soon!

Record command to record your voice!

You can record your voice and someone else's voice in HQ! Command: xr!record [mention/user id]

note: args in < > are important/required and args in [ ] are optional!


Lyrics command, powered by Ksoft Lyrics Inc. (Largest Database of lyrics, also used by groovy), will help you get by when you forget lyrics of your favourite song.


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