Avatar Dynamic Voice Channels

Dynamic Voice Channels

New! Dynamically creates new voice channels and deletes them afterwards. Fast, easy to use and reliable. Read the description for more information.

Prefix dvc!
Library discord.py
Server ???
Pemilik Paul#4832

Dynamic Voice Channels


Have you always wanted a fast discord bot that automatically creates new voice channels and is also easy to use? Then this bot is perfect for you. It automatically creates a new voice channel as soon as you join a certain channel and deletes it afterwards.


  • Dynamic channels:


  • Easy settings:



You can change the prefix using dvc!prefix

1. Setting the channel:

You can either use dvc!setup to setup a new category and a new channel or dvc!add to add the initial channel. The channel can be removed later with dvc!remove . You can see all set auto-channels using dvc!list.

2. Editing the default settings:

You can change settings using dvc!edit . The bot will start an interactive session where you can change the name, limit, position and category of new channels.

3. Blacklist bad words:

To blacklist certain words in channel names you can use the dvc!blacklist command. Bad words are replaced with asterisks. To remove the word use dvc!whitelist .


When creating a new channel you will get the manage channel, manage roles and move members permissions in this channel. Every member with these permissions can use commands to modify the channel.


  • dvc!name Sets a name
  • dvc!limit Sets a limit
  • dvc!kick Kicks someone


  • dvc!permit Gives someone permissions.
  • dvc!transfer Transfers your permissions
  • dvc!claim Claims permissions after the owner has left the channel


  • dvc!close [member|role] Denies connecting
  • dvc!open [member|role] Removes connection overwrites
  • dvc!grant [member|role] Allows connecting


  • dvc!hide [member|role] Makes your channel hidden
  • dvc!unhide [member|role] Makes your channel no longer hidden
  • dvc!show [member|role] Makes your channel visible


  • dvc!help [command] Help!
  • dvc!invite Get the invite
  • dvc!info Bot info