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Orikivo Arcade is a Discord bot that contains an ever-growing collection of fun mechanics and multiplayer interaction.

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Welcome to the Arcade.

Orikivo Arcade is a Discord bot that contains an ever-growing collection of fun mechanics and multiplayer interaction.


As one of the primary focal points for this bot, Orikivo Arcade is equipped to support game servers with multiple channel connections!

The current collection of multiplayer games are:

  • Chess (Beta)
  • Trivia
  • Werewolf (Beta)
  • Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Notice: Games that are marked with (Beta) may have bugs and/or issues that might not be seen. Feel free to assist and test these games!

You can host servers for anyone else using Orikivo Arcade (or remain local to keep it simple), and customize it to your needs! Some games might even have their own options to spice up and change how the game plays!

  • Set server names
  • Toggle spectator mode
  • Set server privacy
  • Allow global invites
  • Allow server chat
  • Configure game settings (Beta)


The casino. A place commonly used to attract the desperate in need of Orite.

While some games offer rewards never seen before, one must keep in mind the risks that may follow. Falling into debt is no laughing matter.

On the other hand, we have an increasing assortment of modes!


A game mode that provides a mix of strategy alongside luck. Pave the way to profitable success!


A Casino game mode that offers high risk with high reward. Guess the dying tick and be rewarded on an exponential scale!


A simple non-Casino game mode that randomly provides you with Orite (or debt) based on your luck. Some say there is a reward greater than anything before for those that are dedicated.


A classic game that takes luck to land on the slot you wish. Bet in the style you desire.

Planned casino game modes in the future are:

  • Slots

Come on down to the Casino and test your luck! You may discover routes to an unknown world...


Merits are milestone achievements that are rewarded to those who work for it! Many merits reward you with unique items or funds that can't be found anywhere else.

While most merits are shown globally, others are hidden in the shadows, waiting to be discovered. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to these. Mess around and discover them all!


More quests will be included in the future.

Quests were made to provide a fun way to earn money and experience by accomplishing random challenges on a daily basis! Each quest has a specified difficulty which determines your reward pool.

While everyone starts off with a single quest slot, they will soon be given access to more as they progress further!

Level System

This is currently in development.

As you participate in many of the activities in Orikivo Arcade, you will gain experience and level up! As you level up, you gain access to new quests, items, shops, commands, and other features previously hidden to you.


Leaderboards are a core part of those who wish to climb to the top! While there are several base categories, leaderboards can also be filtered for stats!


Orikivo Arcade keeps track of a lot of mechanics for you. From the amount of times you've fallen into debt, to the number of items you've gifted, they'll always be there. You are always able to view a list of all of your stats or the value of a specific stat at any time.

Inventory Management

Items come in all shapes, sizes, importance, and purpose. Some items can customize your Card (more on that later), while others can increase your passive income on all game modes! Discover a world of collectible oddities that may very well save you in the future!


Trading has some sense of importance with Orikivo Arcade. Trade with other users for certain goods you might have been missing, or gift that kind fellow who drowns in debt a good ol' Pocket Lawyer!


Discover the world of crafting! Some items may not be purchasable at all, but instead are crafted with your own two hands! Once you collect enough ingredients for a recipe, you will have the ability to craft that item from that point forward.


Boosters are a good way to enhance the amount of income you receive for the activities you participate in. Some can decrease the amount of debt you receive, while others can boost the amount of money you earn!


Shops are a strong part of the economy here. On every new day, the shops open themselves to everyone, generating unique goodies once again for others to purchase.

Many shops offers unique items that match a general theme, while others can be discovered once you progress further! Make sure to check in often, as some items might appear on rare occasions!


Cards represent your unique license on Orikivo Arcade. Customization is no joke here. Collect, craft, trade for, and find your personal favorite components to design a card of your own!

Customization features available are:

  • Layout templates
  • Color palettes
  • Fonts
  • Borders
  • Counters

...and more?

Because Orikivo Arcade is still in development, you can help shape the future of how these systems work! Send suggestions, hunt for bugs, and help strengthen Orikivo Arcade to heights never seen before!

How do I get started?

To begin using Orikivo Arcade, start by using any basic command (eg. balance, card, stats) to automatically initialize your account!

Once you get your account created, use the guides command to view a collection of guides to help you get started on Orikivo Arcade! A good quick-start would be guide beginner 1, to take you to the starting page of the beginner's guide.

Some good ways to start earning funds are:


Claim your dailies every 24 hours to gain some simple funds, with streak tracking providing bonuses every 5 days!


Assign yourself some quests and get groovin'! Each quest provides rewards, which can help you on your way.


Unlocking some of the starting merits are a good way to earn some funds.

Closing Statements

Orikivo Arcade has been under the works for quite a bit of time (too long, I might say). With your help, we can make Orikivo Arcade reach the cosmos!

Come join the community server to provide and offer feedback!

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Invite Orikivo Arcade to your own server!

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Open Source

While not all of Orikivo Arcade is open source (yet), some parts have been made available! Feel free to peek into some of the mess work that makes Orikivo Arcade function (some repositories might be outdated)! Orikivo Arcade will become completely open source in the future.