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Moderation | Moderation | Logger | Automod | Strike System | Custom Commands | Autoroles | Welcomer | Lockdown | Anti Raid | Smart Shield | Server Firewall

Prefix . or mention (Customizable)
Library discord.js
Server ???
Pemilik MrAugu#7917


A fast, easy to use, feature rich and secure moderation bot.


  • Dashboard - A high-performant and feature rich dashboard to make configuration a lot simpler.

  • Moderation - ModCord is equiped with all the tools you need to protect and manage your server.

  • Logger - A super customizable logger with logs ranging from chat and moderation to invite, avatar and voice.

  • Automod - A performant automod with features ranging from minimum acc. age to join, to automatic dehoist, spam and much more.

  • Strike System - Feature rich strike system with custom punishments, customizable automoderator strikes and case record.

  • Custom Commands - Unlimited custom commands with role manipulation, target channel manipulation and dynamic elements.

  • Autoroles - Select which roles members and bots get upon joining your server.

  • Welcomer - Salute your members in their DMs and in your server channels with custom messages when they join/leave.

  • Lockdown - Lock your members from talking server-wide in middle of a raid or an unforeseen event.

  • Under Attack - Prevent members from joining your server in middle of a raid.

  • Smart Shield - Triggers under attack mode when a potential raid is detected.

  • Server Firewall - Detects users with malicious intents and prevents them from joining your server.