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Warriors vs Soldiers

A party game of strategy and deception, set in the world of Attack on Titan! Test your wits against your friends on who is good or evil!

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Warriors vs Soldiers

Warriors vs Soldiers is a party game for 5-10 players, based on the tabletop game The Resistance: Avalon. It is a deception game with a similar concept to games like Mafia, Werewolf and Among Us.


  • 11 unique roles
  • 3 special in-game effects
  • Multiple gamemodes
  • An ELO-based point system to track your progress and skill in the game
  • Server leaderboard to see how you match up against your friends
  • Limitless amounts of fun and laughter!


Soldier Roles

Soldier - The basic Soldier role. Needs to find the Warriors.

Coordinate - Can see all Warriors in the game, but must remain hidden to avoid being kidnapped.

Queen - Knows the Coordinate.

Ackerman - Can secure an expedition, but is revealed in the process.

Mike Zacharias - Knows how many Titans (Warriors & Coordinate) are in his expeditions.

Scout - Alerts everyone of their presence in an expedition.

Warrior Roles

Warrior - The basic Warrior role. Must remain hidden and find the Coordinate.

Warchief - Hidden from the Coordinate.

False King - Appears as the Coordinate to the Queen.

Ymir - Does not know other Warriors and is hidden from them.

Spy - Can flip the votes in an expedition.

Rules Summary

  • There are two teams, Warriors and Soldiers. The Soldiers will always outnumber the Warriors in a game. However, the Soldiers do not know anyone's identities, while the Warriors know each other's identities.
  • The objective of the game is to score 3 points for your team before the opposing team does.
  • There can be up to 5 rounds (called Expeditions) in a game. Players take turns to pick a team (of varying size) to embark on each expedition.
  • If a team is comprised of all Soldiers, then the expedition succeeds and Soldiers gain a point. However, if there is a Warrior in the team, they may choose to sabotage the expedition, giving Warriors a point instead.
  • The Coordinate is a special Soldier role who knows the Warriors' identities from the beginning. However, if the Soldiers score 3 points first, the Warriors have a last chance to win by identifying the Coordinate correctly at the end of the game.
  • For more detailed information on the game (including in-game screenshots!), type ~rules in the chat.

Bot Setup

  1. Create a new channel for the game.
  2. Type ~config to bring up the games menu.
  3. Type 3 or :three: to enable Warriors vs Soldiers in the channel.
  4. You're all set! Type ~host to create a new lobby, ~join to join, and ~start once you have enough players!


Lobby Commands

~host - Creates a new lobby with you as the host.

~join - Joins an existing lobby.

~leave - Leave your current lobby.

~kick - Removes a player from the lobby (Only the host can kick).

~start - Starts the game (requires 5-10 players).

~reset - Stops the existing game or clears the current lobby.

~add - Adds the specified optional role to the game. (E.g. ~add queen)

~remove - Removes the specified optional role from the game. (E.g. ~remove warchief)

~randomroles - Toggles randomization of optional roles when starting a game.

~roles - Shows the full list of available roles.

~players - Brings up the current list of players in the lobby.

In-Game Commands

~next - Starts the next expedition after the previous expedition has ended.

~pick - Selects a player to join the expedition team (E.g. ~pick @eren).

~kidnap - Used by any Warrior to kidnap the Coordinate (E.g. ~kidnap @eren).

~status - Brings up the state of the current game.

~role - Checks your current role with the bot.

~roles - Shows the list of roles currently in the game.

~players - Shows the names of the players currently in the game.

General Commands

~rules - Provides a breakdown of the game rules and roles, as well as some common tips and strategies.

~profile - Checks a person's profile (E.g. ~profile @levi).

~badges - Checks a person's badges.

~gamestats - Brings up the records of all games played.

~lb - Brings up the server leaderboard.

Special Thanks

WaffleBears28 - For the game card designs and server icon

notabear629 - For his many creative ideas!