Avatar AltDentifier


Protection against spambots and alt accounts.

Library discord.py
Server 7.373
Pemilik Auxim#0001

Excellent checkpoint-like system for alt accounts and spambots, offering excellent protection for your server and it's members. Secure your server with AltDentifier and spend less time on moderating bad actors yourself. AltDentifier will automatically verify new members and protect your server, authenticating their third party connections with our unique verification system.

To start using AltDentifier, invite the bot to your server and use the ;setup command. The bot will guide you through it. Use ;help for a list of commands.



;profile (user) Show the profile information of a member ;togglebroadcast (channel) Toggle update and announcement broadcast in the current channel ;donate Donate towards Altdentifier's development ;invite Get the bots invite link ;userinfo (member) Show info about yourself or others ;info Bot statistics and information ;ping Honestly every bot just needs this ;feedback [type] [message] Send feedback to the bot's developer. Support types are 'bug', 'feature' and 'support'. ;settings (value) Change the bot's settings


;kick [member] Kicks a member ;ban [member] Bans a member


;activate [key] Activates your premium key ;deactivate Deactivates your premium key ;setmessage Set a custom message for verification in your server

Account Banning & Whitelist

;redditban (reddit username>) Add or remove a redditban. Usage without accountname lists all bans ;steamban (steamid_64>) Add or remove a steamban. Usage without ID lists all bans ;whitelist (user) Add or remove a user from the whitelist. Usage without user shows full list


;force (member) Manually make a member verify themselves ;raidmode Enables anti-raid mode, which automatically does an authentication attempt on all new users ;bypass [member] Let a user skip verification ;setup Set up the bot for first time use