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BigBot is a very useful discord bot that has a variety of features such as moderation, games, it’s own economy and loads more!

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Tulajdonos _lightninq#1990
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BigBot is a very useful discord bot that has a variety of features such as moderation, games, its own economy and loads more which you can view below! Invite the bot using the button at the top :D

🍪 Economy - BigBot has it's own bot-wide economy system so you can compete to be number one on the leaderbord!

➕ Reaction Roles - We also provide all users with a reaction role system with tonnes of customisability!

📘 Logging - BigBot has a logging system that will log loads of events that happen in your server and it only takes 1 command to setup!

🚨 Moderation - With BigBot you are able to warn, timeout, kick and ban disruptive users in your server as well as view their modlogs, lock channels and set channel slowmodes - perfect to counter spammers!

🎫 Support - You are able to access a quick and easy ticket system with BigBot. In one command you can have a support panel set up to help your server members with any questions they have!

💬 Sticky Messages - Help inform your members about a channel with sticky messages! These messages will re-send after each new message in a channel so everyone sees the content of it.

❓ Suggestions - With bigbot suggestions server members can make suggestions to help you further improve your server!

🎲 Games - Your server members can use BigBot to play games like tictactoe, rock paper scissors and others!

😄 Fun - Use our fun commands to filter profile pictures, get fun facts about animals, and get some hilarious jokes

🎉 Giveaways - Host giveaways with role requirements and give certain roles entry boosts with BigBot giveaways!

💠 And More! Just invite the bot with the button at the top of this page and see all the commands we have by using /help