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Multipurpose bot for all your daily discord needs :)

Prefijo --
Librería discord.js
Servidores 181
Propietario Callum#6052


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Some Basic Functions of CatManiaBot:

  • Moderation
    • Some Moderation commands to help your discord server!
  • Fun & Memes
    • Some Fun commands for your server members to play around with!
  • Music
    • Feeling bored? Why not listen to some music!

Some Important Information:

  • The Main prefix is: -- or @mention!
  • You can customise the prefix! You can even disable the default prefix or even the ability to use mention as a prefix!
  • You can change the default embed color!

Our bots Support Server will provide you with the BEST support we can provide for you! We try to keep the bot online as much as we can. The only time you should ever see any problems or when the bot is down, would be when we are making some changes to the bot to improve the experience for the user, and to add new commands!

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