Avatar de Bread


A bot that tracks usage of the bread emoji in your server.

Prefijo .: or bread:
Librería discord.js
Servidores ???
Propietario Skyz#1337

Want to track usage of the bread emoji in your server? Want to see who uses the bread emoji the most?

Features include:

  • Bread only channels! (Channels where users can only put a single bread emoji in their message.)
  • Leaderboards! (So you can see how much bread you send compared to others.)
  • Statistics! (To see how much bread you’ve sent and how much has been sent in total.)

Bread only channels can be activated by running .:mark in the channel that you want to become a bread only channel. Make sure to give the bot manage messages to ensure it can delete non-bread messages in that channel! If you ever want to undo setting a channel as a bread only channel, just run .:unmark in the channel.