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hello im Anastasia and i hope we can become friends on discord and i have 100 servers on discord

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Sunflower themed kinda themed server!

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Hospital Theme
This was originally a used template but i added more channels an…

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Universe Planet Template
Planet themed template

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Rainbow template
sorted by color! sorry if i get the colors wrong tho. atleast i …

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Pinky Pupport
This is a support server for my bot. you can use this if you wan…

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Cottage core aka nature theme aesthetic
I tried my best since this was my first cottage core aka nature …

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A colorful rainbow template
this was once a template made by somebody else but I made change…

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smiles and happiness
A happy server who wants to make others smile and more!

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highschool template
this took forever UvU you guys better like it

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Light Brown/Brown Food Theme Template
A light brown/brown food template

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Bad red n black Template
Baddie Black N Red Template

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Snowy Culty
This is a server who are fans of snow and stuff

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Physcos Dungeon (i think how you spell it)
This is a server who are fans of knifes or danger!

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Staff Training Aesthetic
This was my training server for my mods in my main server (check…