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Classroom Template | FlexGrafx

The perfect Discord classroom template. You can easily organize and attend online classes. Organize online classes now.

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FlexGrafx is a startup business that focuses on online help and services. There are different things we can help you with: Discord Servers, Discord Bots, Websites, Moderation, (NFT) Community Management & more. Interested? Join the FlexGrafx Discord and make a ticket.

The FlexGrafx Discord is also a great place to chat, have fun and join giveaways. Beside that you can promote your own Discord server and your socials.

Questions or want to make a suggestion? Join the FlexGrafx Discord.

Discord | https://discord.gg/CykJCrARz7

Website | https://FlexGrafx.com









🔊|Teacher Voice

🔊|Progress Meeting











🔊|Homework Help

🔊|1 On 1 Help

🔊|1 On 1 Help

🔊|Group 1

🔊|Group 2

🔊|Group 3

🔊|Group 4

🔊|Group 5









👩‍🏫 Teacher

🎓 Student


🏆 Level 100+

🏆 Level 50+

🏆 Level 25+

🏆 Level 10+

🏆 Level 5+

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