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New World Faction Template | FlexGrafx

This template can be used to create a faction Discord. Good for wars, invasions and for communicating with other clans.

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Queue: 0

Players: 983 / 2,500
















🔊|Outpost Rush

🔊|Elite Zone











🔊|War 1

🔊|War 2









🌐 Discord Moderator

👑 Covenant Ranks

📅 Event Creator

🎶 Music DJ

⚜️ Covenant

🏆 Level 100+

🏆 Level 50+

🏆 Level 25+

🏆 Level 10+

🏆 Level 5+

🆙 Level 60

🆙 Level 50

🆙 Level 40

🥊 600 GS

🥊 580 GS

🥊 560 GS

🥊 540 GS

🥊 520 GS

⚔️ Weaponsmithing

🥋 Armoring

🔧 Engineering

💍 Jewelcrafting

🔮 Arcana

🥪 Cooking

🪑 Furnishing


Other Information

Region: Europe

AFK Timeout: 5m

Verification Level: 🟡 Medium

Notification Level: 🔔 All Messages

Explicit Content Filter: 🔒 All Members